Your Journey Begins


Given the task before us to fundamentally change the lives of the students we serve here at the University of North Texas, the Insights team is proud to supercharge your ability to release the inner super-hero you have trapped within you. This site allows you to choose your own adventure, whether it is in the form of signing up for training, gaining access to data superpowers through interactive analytics, get an answer to a frequently asked question, meet our data superheros, or unmasking data through powerful Data Governance resources.

As a national leader in higher education analytics, the entire Insights team is thrilled to expand our ranks of data super-heroes at the University of North Texas. Take the challenge, choose your data or training adventure, and prepare yourself as an ally in the improvement of student and institutional outcomes.

Insights 2.0 New Features and Enhancements To Help You Help Others

  • Built on HTML5 and enhanced for Chrome.
  • Integrates UNT-wide Single Sign On capability.
  • Analytic products retain your filtering choices.
  • Easier navigation controls to get you what you need quicker.
  • Enhanced search within analytic fields and within the menu of products.
  • Faster, seamless, and smoother graphics and analytic elements.
  • Further integration of predictive analytics into your dashboard products.
  • Enhancements to better serve users with visual impairments.
  • Enhanced shape file integration to visualize buildings, counties, etc.
  • Open source integrations with Python, SQL, Oracle, and R to maximize flexibility for developers across UNT.
  • New capabilities in Machine Learning to help with complex challenges.
  • Integrated data governance process to promote Subject Matter Expert and Data Steward involvement.
  • Expanded architecture allows developers to create their own dashboards (with supported training).
  • This new website with FAQs, Quick Links to analytic products, trainings, and use cases. 
  • Enhanced dashboards and additional data structures in admissions, housing, orientation, SalesForce, etc.
  • Much more! Choose your adventure to see the other great new features.




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